Thursday, April 9, 2009

Trendy shag haircut and styles

Looks like the wacky yet trendy hairstyle of the '70s isback in a big way. Can't say for sure why. Perhaps it's because a shag haircut and styles similar to it are eye catching and just beg for attention. But the style is sure catching on.

The shag cut is basically a layered cut. Where the hair at the crown of your head is cut in more layers than the lower part of the hair. The hair near the ears may not be not be cut, so that you can tuck it behind your ears. You could have bangs too with this style if you want. Should you choose tohave bangs, it's best if they're pushed off the face.

Now if like me you're wondering whythe rise in popularity, maybe it's because shag hairstyles make you look youthful. Such cuts give you a shaggy look, hence the name. One that says fun, playful yet is easy to manage.

They're also a flexible cut. If your stylist knows their stuff they should be able to easily modify the basic shag to best flatter your facial features. To insure you end up with astyle you'll love.

Also, this is about the only style that does not adhere to any hard and fast rules. In fact the only rule may be to have snip inuneven layers at the top of your head.

Originally the shag cut was meant for those with short and medium hair lengths. But now even those with long hair too ask for a shag cut.

Some might say itall started with Jane Fonda who had a shag in the movie Klute in the early seventies. Recently celebrity star Jennifer Aniston made it popular by sporting a similar style in the sitcom 'Friends'. Meg Ryan and Halle Berry have also been seen sporting the shag hairstyle.

It may look shaggy and give you an 'out of bed' look, yet it is definitely trendy.

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