Saturday, April 25, 2009

Make shag haircut and styles work for You

Ok, all well and good on those terrific new styles. So what, you ask, does an older do to make these styles her own? Again, let me state for the record: you do not have to be 20 years old to wear these styles! By this time in your life, you have a good idea of what your facial shape is, and what styles work best for you.

Put that knowledge to good use and apply it to these new styles. If you want to try the Dimensional Shag, for example, you can adjust it to your own looks and style.
haircut and styles
Do you have wrinkles on your forehead? Detract from them with feathered or side-swept bangs. (Ever see Touched By An Angel’s Roma Downey with her hair off her forehead? She has huge forehead wrinkles! Keep the bangs, Roma!)

Are there what’s fondly known as ‘laugh lines’ feathering out around your eyes? Help hide them with softly fringed sides brushed out to the outer corners of your eyes.

As always, seek a professional when it comes to coloring. If you are coloring all your hair, be aware of what colors and shades work best with your coloring. Darker hair against older skin can make you look older if you’re not careful. White or gray hair can be updated and highlighted with lighter shades of blonde, platinum, or steel to give you a more vibrant look.

Naturally, make sure your makeup is working for you. At least once a year, check with a professional and get your look updated. Nothing ruins a good hairdo like out-dated makeup!

So—there you have it: great hairstyles are ageless. You can be stylish at any age, and most of the newer styles can be adjusted to suit your own style and personality. You can be fashionable and forward-looking at any age.

Remember: it took you years to amass the experience, ideals, joys, sorrows, wisdom, strength, and expertise you now have. Wear your look and your age proudly—you are a walking symbol of success and true female power for all those 20 year olds to emulate with honor!

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