Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Long and the Short of the Shag

When it comes to a this type of haircut options and styles there's a range of lengths. You can wear the medium, short, wavy or long cut variety.

Should you have your stylist give you a medium shag you should notice that the layers are adjusted to suit your face shape. It usually has choppy, tapered ends having layers at front and back. This will require touchups once in 6-8 weeks. But if you are curly headed keep away from this style as it tend to frizziness.haircut options and styles

Now if you want a sexy, messy style then opt for wavy shag. This is not for the fine haired though. Typically layers are kept long and a razor is used instead of scissors to give your tresses texture. Top this off by adding waves anytime you wish with a curling iron.

Salon Tip: Expect your stylist to carefully consider your face shape and hair type as they cut in the layers that are the signature of this cut. Carefully thinning out and removing the bulk of your hair to create the desired layered look.

Those looking for a no fuss hairstyle might want to check out the long shag hairstyle.

It makes thick hair feel less heavy on your head.

This shag cut needs little maintenance. Probably requiring you show up at the salon only once every three or four months.

I will warn you however. This style needs to be done by a good stylist who knows what he or she is doing. Too many layers and you will look too messy. But if done right, using scissors to leave ends feathered, a longer shag requires very less styling products and air drying is sufficient.

This style is actually quite carefree. Perfect for anyone with longer hair who can't be bothered spending lots of time on their hair each morning.

You'll often see teenage girls hanging out at malls sporting trendy short shag hairstyles. Such cuts emphasize the eyes, are soft and feminine and have lots of layers on the top and front of your head. With fewer layers towards the back. I think it's popularity is due to the fact that even when messed up it still looks okay. Plus all it takes is a bit of gel or hair spray to style it differently to give you a different look.

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