Thursday, April 30, 2009

Brown shag hairstyle

Everyone is getting into the 70s look with the classic shag hairstyle. Meg Ryan has been the most popular icon for the shag. However, there are a whole lot of other celebrities who are also wearing the very stylish shag with just as much gusto. One of these and my favourite is Lisa Rinna, the very sexy lady from days of our lives. Her hair has been consistent all these years - a short shag that looks stunning even today. Her look has been achieved by razor edging her tresses to give it a full body textured feel. The ends of the short bangs are razored soft. The short shag looks very rich in her brunette hair giving her a sexy and stylish look. In fact the style helps to take a lot of years off the face and is very popular among women in their 40s and beyond for this very reason.
Lisa Rina shag hairstyle
In fact apart from making one look younger, the shag is also a very fun hairstyle which can be worn funky by blow drying the ends in an outward and upward flip. For a more casual look, just comb the ends down with a natural flip. For a dressed up look, create a voluminous pouf at the crown and keep the sides and back combed down close to the head.

Another lady who has been able to maintain her classy good looks is Lauren Koslow who wears her shag in a medium length. Her brown shag hairstyle is shaped into layers that are long but just about. The ends reach the shoulders and terminate in a casual flip. The smooth look is a variation of the otherwise messy look of the shag.

Another one of my favourite brown shag hairstyle wearers is Sharon Lawrence who was a very popular Sylvia Costas Sipowicz in NYPD Blue. She has very distinct strawberry coppery brown hair which a bit red at the back. The bangs in her very smooth shag is short enough to give her face a younger look and simultaneously long enough to outline her face giving her an elegance par excellence. Her hair at the back is in longer layers which end in wisps making them look soft and luxurious. Since Sharon has quite a wide set of cheekbones, the shag makes them look just perfect. There is so much that she can do with her hair - be it putting them into rollers for a change or just scrunching them up for a more comfortable look.

I can’t not mention Jessica Biel’s elegant and very rich look as she wears her hair dark in a shag that reachesjust down to her shoulders. The hair is wonderfully conditioned and looks lustrous. A pleasant change from her usual blond look and of course the one thing that makes all the difference is that this pretty lady carries it all with an elegant beauty.

That is quite a bit like Jennifer Anniston in ‘Friends’ - a natural blond trying a deeper coloured brunette for achange. Both looks suit her because she wears her shag with confidence.

All these ladies have been able to carry off their brown shag hairstyle with so much elegance and panache that a lot of hairstylists are getting requests for the same look day in and day out.

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