Monday, December 13, 2010

The Twist African American Hairstyles for women

Here are some beautiful long medium and short twist hairstyles for women who prefer twist hair styles.

African American Hairstyle for black women long twist hair style

African American Hairstyle pictures long twist hair style

African American Hairstyles twist style

African American Hairstyles twist hairstyles

African American Hairstyles twist hairstyle

African American Hairstyles for black women

long African American Hairstyles

long African American Hairstyles

Medium length twist hairstyle for black women

African American Hairstyles for medium length hairstyles

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Emo girl hair style 2010

Fashion trends: emo is so fashion in the youth, though someone hate emo.

Emo is just a life style, not the one think they are gays or must cut themselves. So, here are some emo hair styles for teens.

Long black emo hair style for girls

Long black emo hair style for girls 

Emo hair styles for emo girls

Emo hair styles for emo girls 

cute emo girl haircuts

cute emo girl haircuts 

emo girl highlights picture

emo girl hairstyle picture

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Make Your Own Scene Hair

scene hair style 2010

girls scene hair 2011

scene hair 2010

scene haircuts 2011

2010 scene hair

scene hairstyle

girls scene hair

New scene hair style

new scene haircuts 2010

So you get the idea how you want your hair to look like - that's great.
  1. Start cutting from the bottom layers going gradually to top layers - it's much easier that way. You can clip your hair together on the top of your head, to help you reach bottom layers first. Bottom layer can be as long as you wish, think as long as Audrey, or short as Katie Babyfayce.

  2. Wash your hair, or spray it with water, if you prefer to cut your hair wet - that way it's easier to get more consistent look. Also remember to cut your damp hair 1 - 2 cm longer, as it will wave in natural way and become slightly shorter when dry.

  3. Grab thin strand, hold it horizontally and cut at desired length. If you're happy with it, grab another one together with first one and cut at the same length. Repeat until you cut all the bottom layer.

  4. Release another layer from the upper hair - about 1 cm wide - and let it down on your neck - now cut it the same way as the bottom layer. You can cut every layer slightly shorter then the previous one from the bottom.

  5. Keep checking in back mirror, if you are still happy with the look and the length.

  6. After cutting all bottom layers, it's time to get to top layers - crowning of all your work - it's the most importand part, giving you loads of possibilities for creating your own look!

  7. If you're after Scene Hair, top layers will be short and chopped with messy look. Ideal length is to your chin, with shorter fringe.

  8. Grab single hair strand, hold it horizontally and cut with your razor - that way you'll get ideal choppy look, which can easily be styled, teased etc. Put your razor in a mid way to your desired length, and cut it delicately down along your hair. Don't cut your hair at once with a razor - they need to be layered - thick from the top and thinner at the ends. Repeat that with all top part of your hair.

  9. Now the fringe - part your hair in favourite way, and start layering with the razor. If you want your fringe to sit comfortably on the side of your face, create the length to your cheekbones. Layer it gradually with a razor.

  10. Fringe is very important in Scene Hair, it needs to be created from few layers, optionally with different shades and lengths - check the pictures of Audrey, Katie and other Scene Queens to know exactly what you're after.
When finished, go through your hair again, mess it with your fingers, and correct all the naughty streaks with scissors / razor. Check with the small mirror from all sides if you are happy with the look. Now shake off all your hair over the bath to get rid of all excessive hair, and dry it with a hairdryer.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New Hairstyles 2011

New Hairstyles 2011

The New Season Brings New Hairstyles

“New Hairstyles are Smooth this Fall”New hairstyles for the Fall Season are all about richening up your current hair color and cleaning up your grown-out hair cut. Get deeper, richer shades with semi-permanent hair color and go for a bold new haircut to chop off damaged tresses from your summer spent in the sun. Note how celebrities are setting the new hairstyle trends this fall by going bolder with darker hair colors and being fearless with their new hairstyles.

New Hairstyles Scarlet Johansson

Scarlet Johansson wears a new hairstyle darker hue for fall 

Fall’s new hairstyles are showing hair colors that are deep, rich and lively and which give a dramatic boost to your current hair color. Red heads need to be richer, brunettes should go darker and blondes should add in lowlights for added depth.

I would suggest livening up your current hair color with a semi-permanent color in two shades darker than your current hair color. Semi-permanent hair color will also add shine to dull, lifeless locks.

Another option for adding some extra color and shine is my favorite hair treatment product, John Frieda’s Luminous Color Glaze.

New Hairstyles Katie Holmes

Every time I use this product, on a customer as well as on myself, compliments are plentiful on how shiny and healthy it makes the hair look! The Luminous Color Glaze comes in a variety of colors to suit you and also comes in clear, which I love and am currently using.

This season, new hairstyles are all about sleek, smooth hair. Curls are being smoothed out with the help of smoothing creams and shine serums and new hairstyles are going sleeker and shorter, like my favorite new hairstyle, the sleek bob. Gone are the big and bold hair looks of past seasons and in are the sleek and sophisticated looks of Fall’s new hairstyles.

Katie Holmes new hairstyle, the sleek bob trend! 

Hot new hairstyles for fall to try include the sleek bob (my favorite), smooth curly looks, as well as long and straight hairstyles with bangs. Break out your flat irons and paddle brushes for styling to get that smooth, sleek look that this season is famous for. Styling products to use include styling creams, smoothing serums and shine serums. My current favorite is Kenra’s Platinum Silkening Gloss that gets rid of my frizz, leaves my hair shiny and is great for use with my flat iron addiction.

New perfect Hairstyles Katie Holmes

Keep in mind that new hairstyles for this season are deeper, darker shades for your hair color and sleeker, smoother hairstyles for your hair cut. I suggest a consultation with your hairdresser to find your perfect hair color shade and your perfect new hairstyle for the season!