Friday, November 27, 2009

Celebrity Hairstyle Gallery: Natural curls

Naturally curly hair is truly a thing of beauty, and as such, it shouldn't be fought but embraced. Sure, there will be days when it feels like the bane of your existence, and straightening it on those days is always an option - but ultimately, learning to love your wild mane is the way to go. Keep in mind, also, that while you may covet the simplicity of straight hair, your straight-haired friends are probably envying the volume your hair possesses... we always want what we don't have! I'll be posting some tips on how to style naturally curly hair soon, but for now, here's a photo gallery of celebrities who have chosen to flaunt their fabulously curly hair.

AnnaLynne McCord - Celebrity Hairstyle Gallery

AnnaLynne McCord  

Alicia Keys hairstyle

Alicia Keys  

Kate Hudson hairstyle

Kate Hudson

Shakira hairstyle


Halle Berry hairstyle

Halle Berry  

Taylor Swift hairstyle

Taylor Swift  

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker  

Beyonce hairstyle


Keri Russell hairstyle

Keri Russell

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Most Popular Hairstyles and the Latest Haircuts Trends

Looking for the newest and most popular hairstyles? Here are a list of some great hairstyles:

Pixie Cut
If your daughter is somewhat tomboyish, athletic and adventurous with quite a bit of energy, she may enjoy the short pixie cut style as actress Natalie Portman chose to style her hair. this style is quite easy to maintain and only requires a small amount of gel and blow dry to accomplish.

Easy to maintain, a great style and a wonderful look for practically any hair type is the bob style. suiting most any occasion, you are able to curl or straighten your daughter's to suit as this is an extremely versatile style. Also, you are able to use ribbons, clips, pony tails, hair bands or barrettes to accentuate this style.

Aside from girls with frizzy or extremely curly hair, shag hair styles can be suitable and look great on almost anyone. Easily adjustable to suit her face's shape, shag hair styles are tapered, uneven and choppy for this reason. Although this style looks great even while it is growing out, for best results schedule haircuts every six to eight weeks.

Long and Lovely
Many peoples preference is long hair on the younger girls. Although it requires lots more maintenance, you have much more options when experimenting with ponytails, braids and other more elaborate styles. with long hair cuts, you can have the hair straight or layered and curly or fine hair greatly benefits from a bit of layering, but a young girl shouldn't require the products and blow drying of morning maintenance to get the look. Children under five years old should not be using a lot of different styling products as many of them contain chemicals that can be harsh and damaging to young locks.

Common Hair Styles for Boys

Boy's have more options nowadays for their hair styles but still can boast that their styles are much simpler than young girl's hair styles. Does your son prefer to have his hair trimmed just to keep out of his eyes or perhaps long at the back, or maybe just parted or brushed back?

Buzz Cut
The buzz cut has to be the most popular cut for young boys, and for good reason. You can get this style at a salon but the reason for its popularity is the it's just as simple, quick and easy, and cost effective to do it at home and is totally effortless to maintain. Lengths usually vary between an eighth of an inch to three quarters of an inch.

Bowl Cut
This style is exactly as the name implies and continues to be very popular, even today. Named after an age old home grown technique, its popularity again stems from the simpleness of the cut and the cost factor as there is no overhead for this style. you can acquire this style by simply placing a bowl on the young fellows head and cutting the hair that is shown outside the bowl. the result is several inches of hair on top and a close crop of hair below the bowl line.

Another popular style among young boys hair styles is the flattop which means the top of the hair is cut and styled to be flat, resembling a military style of hair cut. An even cut at the top of the head that is shorter than the sides, you will need to use a small amount of mousse or gel to keep it in place, but also is inexpensive to attain while very little maintenance.

Caesar Cut
A bit more of a sophisticated look but also popular is the style worn by the late Julius Caesar called the caesar cut. Clipper blades with attachments are used to achieve this look by layering the hair an inch or two all over, then brushing it forward to a short bang, or fringe, at the front.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wedding Day Hairstyles : Three Ponytail Up-Do Hairstyle: Wedding Hairstyles

How to style hair with three ponytails in an up-do for your wedding day hairstyle; get expert tips and advice on styling your own hair for special occasions in this free instructional video.

Expert: Kim Brown
Bio: Kim Brown has been doing hair and make-up for 19 years, and has owned her own salon for 8 ½ years.
Filmmaker: Patrick Eaves

Monday, November 16, 2009

How to Create 2010 Trendy Hairstyles

This post explain how to style the latest trendy Haircuts Hairstyles by yourself.In this article we will try to give you some insight into the trendy hairstyles for 2009-2010.

How to Create 2010 Trendy Hairstyles
The trendy hair styles change from month to month, and then it is difficult to know how you should style your hair to keep up with the current hair trends that are occurring in the world of hairstyles.You should following the trends if you are fashionable.

In order to find the latest trendy hairstyles, internet websites,fashion magazines can provide a lot valuable information about what kind of hairstyle is fashionable, in style and hot through the season that you are seeking. And there are many websites that can enable the individual to learn the hairstyles which are presented as fashionable.You can find the new hairstyles on professional hairstyle websites or find the latest fashion haircuts on fashion blogs.

The Bob hairstyles, these are a classic cut that looks well on most women and works well with or without bangs., this kinda hairstyle is still hot these days.A lot celebrity wear bob haircuts.

curly side ponytail

And one of the trendiest hairstyles this season 2009-2010 is the curled hairstyle that can be worn in a side ponytail. You can style this hair style by using large curls within the hair to create the volume and curls which are so popular. Curl larger and smaller sections of the hair to create large and small curls or varying shapes and sizes. Then, you can pull these curls over to one side and use thin elastic to secure the curls within the side of the head. After that,use a strand of hair and one of the curls to disguise the elastic and you have a glamorous hairstyle that can bring you from day to night. Pins can be used on the opposite side of the head to secure the hair, although, these tendrils can be sexy when secured with a small amount of styling spray.

Spike Cuts, these hairstyles can work for both a younger woman and a more mature woman. This is a style that is favored by a more active woman that requires a low maintenance hairstyle.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Celebrity Hair: How to Achieve the Most Popular Celebrity Hairstyles of All Time

Celebrity hairstyles have influenced us for thousands of years. Ever since Cleopatra first coined the idea that she could use her hairstyle to enhance her power and fame, women all over the world have mimicked the hairstyles and hair care rituals of the rich and famous in order to try and harness a little of that glory for themselves.

Here is an outline of how to use some of the best quality salon hair care products on the market to replicate and maintain the most popular celebrity hairstyles of recent times: 'The Farrah', 'The Rachel' and 'The Pob'.

The Farrah

Farrah Fawcett's flip was the predecessor of 'The Rachel' of the 1990s, spawning a zillion copycat hairstyles back in the 1970s. Both styles achieved enormous worldwide popularity, though the styles themselves couldn't be more different. Many celebrities have put a modern spin on the Farrah flip, creating backwards-facing curls which are softer than the Charlie's Angels star's original, for a more chic and subdued look.

The initial hairstyle needs to be created in a salon for the best effect; here are some tips for hair care options to maintain The Farrah. Apply a texturizing lotion to wet hair for texture and volume and blow dry the hair upside down from side to side. Use a paddle brush to increase volume and smooth the hair.

The Rachel

The popularity of US TV show 'Friends' in the 90s was evident, not just from the mountain of column inches and video sales, but also from the sudden craze for a particular hairstyle. Jennifer Aniston's character, Rachel Green, had a haircut in season one and two of the show which became so popular that it was named after her and replicated in hair salons all over the world.

'The Rachel', also known as 'The Rachel Shag' and 'The Rachel Haircut', is a bouncy, square layered hairstyle which can be created initially in the salon and maintained with regular hair straightening. Volume can be added successfully using a volumising product by a top hair care brand and a salon quality shine serum will complete this glossy look.

The Pob

Victoria Beckham may have started out as Posh Spice, the slightly moody one in the Spice Girls, but ever since she started associating with football legend David Beckham, the world has been transfixed by her fashion and style choices, and she remains one of the most influential forces in fashion. The famous asymmetric bob hairstyle, the 'Pob', also known as the 'Posh bob', was popularised by Victoria in 2006 and has led to a surge in short haircuts for women all over the world ever since.

Again, the initial 'Pob' cut is best achieved at a salon but there are plenty of hair care products which will help make the most of a Pob. Firstly, use a texturising shampoo and conditioner and dry with anti-frizz balm by a salon hair care brand. When dry, add a volumising mousse and use wax to spike and separate longer strands.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

New Product For Short Hair Cut

New Product For Short Hair Cut

HerCut is a new innovation in "cut care" rather than hair care. The whole line been formulated to target specific hair cuts as opposed to hair types. Now with HerCut you can love those cute manes in pixie, bob, shag or layers whether sleek and smooth or packed with texture by shifting the focus from styling goals to haircut enhancing.

Each hair cut has its own Cut Care Cocktail, or catalyst, as the company calls it, developed and formulated using different levels of enhancement effects depending on the cut.

If you have a blunt hair cut, then you need straight lines that align correctly. The Blunt’s catalyst utilizes strand compression to diminish space between fibers to deliver uniformity and re-create the out of salon look.

If you have a shaggy hair cut, the catalyst in The Shag with polymers will add texture, dimension and provide lift at the root to yield layers that move.

For longer hairstyles with Layers’ catalyst uses a cationic complex to connect and control layers.

The purpose of HerCut is to make a haircut work and it will redefines hair care as we know it today.