Friday, November 27, 2009

Celebrity Hairstyle Gallery: Natural curls

Naturally curly hair is truly a thing of beauty, and as such, it shouldn't be fought but embraced. Sure, there will be days when it feels like the bane of your existence, and straightening it on those days is always an option - but ultimately, learning to love your wild mane is the way to go. Keep in mind, also, that while you may covet the simplicity of straight hair, your straight-haired friends are probably envying the volume your hair possesses... we always want what we don't have! I'll be posting some tips on how to style naturally curly hair soon, but for now, here's a photo gallery of celebrities who have chosen to flaunt their fabulously curly hair.

AnnaLynne McCord - Celebrity Hairstyle Gallery

AnnaLynne McCord  

Alicia Keys hairstyle

Alicia Keys  

Kate Hudson hairstyle

Kate Hudson

Shakira hairstyle


Halle Berry hairstyle

Halle Berry  

Taylor Swift hairstyle

Taylor Swift  

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker  

Beyonce hairstyle


Keri Russell hairstyle

Keri Russell

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