Saturday, January 10, 2009

Stars Shag Haircut and Styles

Shag haircut and styles has been embraced bymany stars and people have followed bythe masses. The shag takes many forms andis basically a messy layered cut. Layers aremore prominent towards and around the face with hair length ranging from short, medium and long. Shags canbe curly, wavy or straight. The look is crisp, carefree yet still professional.Stars Shag Haircut and Styles

Shag haircut and style isso versatile that and potentially looks fantastic onanyone regardless of their age, hair length, texture orcolor. The short style gives elder women more flamboyancy andyouthfulness in their appearance. Doesn't Lisa Rinna always look exceptional? Her short multi layered cut gives hera sophisticated yet I'm ready toplay persona. The chocolate brownwith blond highlights admiringly complements her facial features and is suitable for any occasion.

Paula Deens Layered Shag

What aboutthe beloved restauranteur Paula Deen? Paula's layered shag haircut speaks foritself - shedoesn't even need to color her hair! Paula Deen has adopted a medium shag varying her layersfrom softly angled, straight and to beautiful waves always giving herthat graceful radiant quality.

And of course whocould forget the classic blond Meg Ryan shag, giving herthat irresistible innocent charm. Other celebs with shags include Jodie Foster, Kate Micucci, Sharon Stone, Reese Witherspoon, HalleBerry, Jessica Biel and Sharon Osbourne.

Male celebrities

Famous men havealso jumped on board the shag craze. Brad Pitt's just gotout of bed look makes any woman go wild. Other shagsters includechef Gordon Ramsay, David Duchovny and Owen Wilson.

Stars with a shag radiate youth and trendiness. But what more dothese styles say about the celebrities or more importantly whatare they trying to convey?

No matter whether shesin the kitchen or the garden, Paula Deen always looks presentable. Being in anadvisory position, if you will, Paula has gained our trust andour love for her. How did she doit? Not only through her priceless knowledge andcharisma, but also with a hairstyle thatsays "with age comes wisdom and I still know how tobe hip". We know sadly David Duchovny has been trounced by hissex addiction but to his credit hasought rehabilitation assistance. His ever sexy shag haircut gives him a boyish innocent charm. Who would have guessed that such a stylish and poised Fox Moulder would encounter any such dilemma?

Ashlee Simpson-Wentz's long burgundy cut with shag haircut and styles side bang has given hera boost of freshness, perhaps a Bittersweet edge. Owen Wilson's medium wavy layered cut is rather unique. It's still suitable for professional outingsand for his age yet no woman can resist the young blond surfy guy look hepresents. He says he's a trouble maker andhis rugged sexy cut confirms that. A celebrity that just exudes fun and enthusiasm, Lisa Rina's multi layered cutsays I'm wild and ready for action, quiteappropriate for her Chicago musical.

As youcan see, the shag haircut and style is so versatile in terms ofboththe look and the persona that it can portray. Stylists ofthe above celebrities are miracle makers, capturing eachof their personalities and presenting them in sophisticated fun loving shag styles. Hopefully we'll see moreandmore celebrities take our breath away with their gorgeous shags.

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