Saturday, January 10, 2009

Shag Haircuts for Different Types of Hair

Shag haircuts arevery popular with those whoare of the baby-boomer generation, although as the generation-X grows up, the shag hairstyles worn by their parents forsolong are becoming popular again. Such ashag hairstyle is based upon the shorter hair lengths and includes curls or chopped haircuts so thatthe hair can shag out, rather than be controlled and sleek. A benefit of this shag haircut and styles is that the hair canbe controlled and slicked to match the need of the individual by a little bit of hair gel.

Shag Hairstyles for Short & Long Length Hair

The modern twist onthe shag hairstyles allow for the hairstyles to be long, but cutat sharp angles to still get the constant layering appearance andthe shag like look. Shag hairstyles is becoming increasingly popular andhas been integrated with such classics as the bob and other hairstyles.

Shag Haircuts for Curly & Wavy Hair

The shag hairstyles canincorporate curls and waves, although though this isnot commonly seen. What is more commonly seen isthe strait and sleek look to the shag hairstyles. This allows forthe flip and the shaggy look without the useof products and added weight. Highlights have been successfully usedwith the shag haircut and provide a sense of depth with the hairstyle.

Shag Hairstyles Tips

Because the shag haircut has been growing inlength, it can be used to bring attention to those facial features that onewishes others to pay attention to such as the eyes ormouth. Shag hairstyle also makes it possible to have business hair during theday and with a small amount of change, playful hair at night.

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