Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sexy And Messy Shaggy Short Hairstyle

Thenew shaggy short hairstyles maybe messy, but that doesnot mean they are short on sexy! That just crawled outofbed look isnot only easy to wear, but totally chic aswell. Tousled and carefree, it’s a short haircut with washand wear ease.

A sexy shag involves very little styling to look amazing. This fuss free hairstyle is ideal forthe busy, yet trendy woman.Sexy And Messy Shaggy Short Hairstyle
A shaggy hairstyle allows you thetime to relax while you showoffyour bold and funky attitude. Most shag haircuts dotypically include layers, but the typesof layers andhow they are worked into your hair depends on the style of shag yougo with.

A sexy shag for short hair mayuse several layers thatframe your face, with a few layers inthe back to give amore consistent look without you loosing volume. The furthest layer from thecrown is often the longest, giving sleekness tothe hairstyle and allowing for un-restricted flow. It wasnot just her fancy footwork that captured attention when actress Lisa Rinna wason Dancing with the Stars. Her fabulous, sexy shag had everyone taking notice. With only afew simple steps, you can wear your shag like Lisas.

Styling Steps:

  • Lisarinna messy short shag

  • Toweldry hair

  • Spray aleave in conditioner lightlyover hair

  • Apply adab of gel throughout hair with your fingers

  • Comb gently with a wide toothed comb

  • Apply a volumizer alongthe crown of your head

  • Blow-dry witha concentrator nozzle, using amedium barrel boar's bristle brush. Use

  • Liftcertain strands of hair withfingers asyou dry, and direct airflow up the hair shaft from theends to the roots to build in movement and lift

  • When hair isdry, apply a little wax or pomade and pinch ends to piece them out.

  • Lightly mist with hairspray for hold

  • Spray a small amount of shine through hair if desired

Besides being supersleek and easy to wear, shag haircuts arealso completely versatile tosuit your individual style. Highlights or lowlights are afunky way to personalize yourshag, adding depth and shine toyour short hairstyle. It really is all about the cut, depending on the scissor snips you gowith, your shag canbe totally unique. Have your stylist cut your shag with long strands that caress your cheeks; this will minimize a squareface shape while creating instant cheekbones.

A shag hairstyle that is worn with plenty of volume throughthe crown adds instant height. Your short shag hairstyle canalso be tailored to include bangs or not, long layers orshort layers, the choice is yours. Once you have the cutyou desire, you’re still notlimited! The styling products you use canchange your look from one day tothe next. Volume enhancing spray can jazz you up foran evening out, while adab of gel can slick back your shag for quick daytime wear.

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