Thursday, April 30, 2009

Brown shag hairstyle

Everyone is getting into the 70s look with the classic shag hairstyle. Meg Ryan has been the most popular icon for the shag. However, there are a whole lot of other celebrities who are also wearing the very stylish shag with just as much gusto. One of these and my favourite is Lisa Rinna, the very sexy lady from days of our lives. Her hair has been consistent all these years - a short shag that looks stunning even today. Her look has been achieved by razor edging her tresses to give it a full body textured feel. The ends of the short bangs are razored soft. The short shag looks very rich in her brunette hair giving her a sexy and stylish look. In fact the style helps to take a lot of years off the face and is very popular among women in their 40s and beyond for this very reason.
Lisa Rina shag hairstyle
In fact apart from making one look younger, the shag is also a very fun hairstyle which can be worn funky by blow drying the ends in an outward and upward flip. For a more casual look, just comb the ends down with a natural flip. For a dressed up look, create a voluminous pouf at the crown and keep the sides and back combed down close to the head.

Another lady who has been able to maintain her classy good looks is Lauren Koslow who wears her shag in a medium length. Her brown shag hairstyle is shaped into layers that are long but just about. The ends reach the shoulders and terminate in a casual flip. The smooth look is a variation of the otherwise messy look of the shag.

Another one of my favourite brown shag hairstyle wearers is Sharon Lawrence who was a very popular Sylvia Costas Sipowicz in NYPD Blue. She has very distinct strawberry coppery brown hair which a bit red at the back. The bangs in her very smooth shag is short enough to give her face a younger look and simultaneously long enough to outline her face giving her an elegance par excellence. Her hair at the back is in longer layers which end in wisps making them look soft and luxurious. Since Sharon has quite a wide set of cheekbones, the shag makes them look just perfect. There is so much that she can do with her hair - be it putting them into rollers for a change or just scrunching them up for a more comfortable look.

I can’t not mention Jessica Biel’s elegant and very rich look as she wears her hair dark in a shag that reachesjust down to her shoulders. The hair is wonderfully conditioned and looks lustrous. A pleasant change from her usual blond look and of course the one thing that makes all the difference is that this pretty lady carries it all with an elegant beauty.

That is quite a bit like Jennifer Anniston in ‘Friends’ - a natural blond trying a deeper coloured brunette for achange. Both looks suit her because she wears her shag with confidence.

All these ladies have been able to carry off their brown shag hairstyle with so much elegance and panache that a lot of hairstylists are getting requests for the same look day in and day out.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Make shag haircut and styles work for You

Ok, all well and good on those terrific new styles. So what, you ask, does an older do to make these styles her own? Again, let me state for the record: you do not have to be 20 years old to wear these styles! By this time in your life, you have a good idea of what your facial shape is, and what styles work best for you.

Put that knowledge to good use and apply it to these new styles. If you want to try the Dimensional Shag, for example, you can adjust it to your own looks and style.
haircut and styles
Do you have wrinkles on your forehead? Detract from them with feathered or side-swept bangs. (Ever see Touched By An Angel’s Roma Downey with her hair off her forehead? She has huge forehead wrinkles! Keep the bangs, Roma!)

Are there what’s fondly known as ‘laugh lines’ feathering out around your eyes? Help hide them with softly fringed sides brushed out to the outer corners of your eyes.

As always, seek a professional when it comes to coloring. If you are coloring all your hair, be aware of what colors and shades work best with your coloring. Darker hair against older skin can make you look older if you’re not careful. White or gray hair can be updated and highlighted with lighter shades of blonde, platinum, or steel to give you a more vibrant look.

Naturally, make sure your makeup is working for you. At least once a year, check with a professional and get your look updated. Nothing ruins a good hairdo like out-dated makeup!

So—there you have it: great hairstyles are ageless. You can be stylish at any age, and most of the newer styles can be adjusted to suit your own style and personality. You can be fashionable and forward-looking at any age.

Remember: it took you years to amass the experience, ideals, joys, sorrows, wisdom, strength, and expertise you now have. Wear your look and your age proudly—you are a walking symbol of success and true female power for all those 20 year olds to emulate with honor!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Top Short Sexy Hairstyles and Haircuts

Having short hairstyle provides you double benefit of low maintenance as well as looking cute and sexy at the same time. Many female celebrities prefer short hairstyles that can be worn by girls and teenagers to create a more feminine look. Let’s take a closer look on the three sexy short hairstyles from the celebrities like Paris Hilton, Sienna Miller and Natalie Portman. The short sexy hairstyles presented below have a unique style and cut of their own and represents diverse facial characteristic including length, texture, color and age.

Paris Hilton Sexy Short Hairstyles

Paris Hilton sexy short hairstyles

Paris Hilton is a rich celebrity and is famous for her ever-changing fashion and hairstyles. She has short length hair that looks great on Paris Hilton. She creates different new hairstyles using various wigs, but her sexy short hairstyle generally includes sharp choppy ends with full or side bangs. The short hairstyle picture shown here is a shag hairstyle with some blonde color highlights and side swept bangs making this short hairstyle a hit for any time.

Natalie Portman Very Sexy Short Cropped Haircut

Natalie Portman has oval shaped face which is known to look great with any hairstyle. She wears a short cropped bob haircut creating a sexy appeal. This very short hairstyle may be perfect choice for many girls but may not go well particularly if you have a long forehead.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Long and the Short of the Shag

When it comes to a this type of haircut options and styles there's a range of lengths. You can wear the medium, short, wavy or long cut variety.

Should you have your stylist give you a medium shag you should notice that the layers are adjusted to suit your face shape. It usually has choppy, tapered ends having layers at front and back. This will require touchups once in 6-8 weeks. But if you are curly headed keep away from this style as it tend to frizziness.haircut options and styles

Now if you want a sexy, messy style then opt for wavy shag. This is not for the fine haired though. Typically layers are kept long and a razor is used instead of scissors to give your tresses texture. Top this off by adding waves anytime you wish with a curling iron.

Salon Tip: Expect your stylist to carefully consider your face shape and hair type as they cut in the layers that are the signature of this cut. Carefully thinning out and removing the bulk of your hair to create the desired layered look.

Those looking for a no fuss hairstyle might want to check out the long shag hairstyle.

It makes thick hair feel less heavy on your head.

This shag cut needs little maintenance. Probably requiring you show up at the salon only once every three or four months.

I will warn you however. This style needs to be done by a good stylist who knows what he or she is doing. Too many layers and you will look too messy. But if done right, using scissors to leave ends feathered, a longer shag requires very less styling products and air drying is sufficient.

This style is actually quite carefree. Perfect for anyone with longer hair who can't be bothered spending lots of time on their hair each morning.

You'll often see teenage girls hanging out at malls sporting trendy short shag hairstyles. Such cuts emphasize the eyes, are soft and feminine and have lots of layers on the top and front of your head. With fewer layers towards the back. I think it's popularity is due to the fact that even when messed up it still looks okay. Plus all it takes is a bit of gel or hair spray to style it differently to give you a different look.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Trendy shag haircut and styles

Looks like the wacky yet trendy hairstyle of the '70s isback in a big way. Can't say for sure why. Perhaps it's because a shag haircut and styles similar to it are eye catching and just beg for attention. But the style is sure catching on.

The shag cut is basically a layered cut. Where the hair at the crown of your head is cut in more layers than the lower part of the hair. The hair near the ears may not be not be cut, so that you can tuck it behind your ears. You could have bangs too with this style if you want. Should you choose tohave bangs, it's best if they're pushed off the face.

Now if like me you're wondering whythe rise in popularity, maybe it's because shag hairstyles make you look youthful. Such cuts give you a shaggy look, hence the name. One that says fun, playful yet is easy to manage.

They're also a flexible cut. If your stylist knows their stuff they should be able to easily modify the basic shag to best flatter your facial features. To insure you end up with astyle you'll love.

Also, this is about the only style that does not adhere to any hard and fast rules. In fact the only rule may be to have snip inuneven layers at the top of your head.

Originally the shag cut was meant for those with short and medium hair lengths. But now even those with long hair too ask for a shag cut.

Some might say itall started with Jane Fonda who had a shag in the movie Klute in the early seventies. Recently celebrity star Jennifer Aniston made it popular by sporting a similar style in the sitcom 'Friends'. Meg Ryan and Halle Berry have also been seen sporting the shag hairstyle.

It may look shaggy and give you an 'out of bed' look, yet it is definitely trendy.