Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Latest Hairstyles for 2011

medium straight hair style 2011

What is the most popular hairstyles in 2011? The fashion world is always evolving.  Each year, there are some trends that have proven themselves to be timeless and eventually make their way as being considered a classic style, while others are just here for the moment.  The same goes with hairstyles.  Many celebrities and fashion conscious women tend to complement their seasonal wardrobe with the latest hairstyles in fashion.  Here are some of the latest hairstyles trends for the year 2011.

A Dose of Color

One of the latest hairstyles trend is to accentuate their natural color with the use of highlights and lowlights.  While these have been used for a number of years, the latest hairstyles today would now use varying shades of a certain color very close to your natural hair color as opposed to using just one color.  This trend has greatly complemented the latest hairstyles supported by fashion models and celebrities since it still provides them a natural look while adding a bit more shine and luster to their hair.

the best hairstyles 2011

Growing it Out

Many of the latest hairstyles supported by celebrities and fashion gurus are range from medium to long hair.  Hairstylists have added a twist to this otherwise classic look to provide it a whole new look to it altogether.  These latest hairstyles are often accompanied by adding some loose curls to otherwise straight hair to provide a much needed lift and bounce to the entire hairstyle.  Side swept bangs and fringes are also now used to further complement long and medium length hairstyles.

2011 hairstyles bangs

Going Emo

Emo cuts are one of the latest hairstyles that are now supported by both men and women.  These latest hairstyles are actually a combination of a punk hairstyle with a classic look to soften the edginess provided by the punk look.  A perfect example of this cut is the hairstyle currently being supported by Kate Gosselin where the front part of her face is framed with a bob cut and the back is fringed into a punk style.  Emo cuts have made it among the latest hairstyles preferred by teenagers because of ability to provide a sense of playfulness and youthfulness to their entire appearance.

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