Monday, April 26, 2010

Short Curly Layered Hairstyles

Short Curly Layered Hairstyles image

A layered haircut can restore volume, body and bounce to short, curly hair. The layered hairstyle is more beautiful than the un-layered. Usually ,the layers are  used to add volumes to hairstyles. If you use  layers within the hairstyle, an individual is able to create the volume they need to create the appearance of a stylish and healthy hairstyle.

Short, layered curly hairstyles need frequent maintenance that may prove expensive and inconvenient. Since no one knows your hair better than you, don’t be afraid to trim your own hair from time to time. Trimming split ends restores buoyancy and shape.

Use cuticle scissors or sharp hair-cutting scissors. Starting at the top of your head, hold a small section of hair straight down—not tight enough to stretch out the curl,twist it slightly, and cut off the split ends below your fingers. Clip the trimmed section out of the way and proceed to the next.While styling curly layered hairstyles, heat drying is often avoided, as it can cause the curls to become straight, or turn the curls into waves.

A good layered haircut should fall into place after a shampoo without much effort. Blow driers and curling irons may do more harm than good. After shampooing, bend over from the waist and pat your hair gently with a towel. Frizz serums which can help to define each curl, as well as create a smooth appearing hairstyle are an important part of layered hairstyles. The layers within commonly created hairstyles can easily appear frizzy, as the hair is indeed cut at different lengths and the curls will be of varying shapes and sizes.As you lean forward, apply a touch of mousse or gel, or conditioning or curl-forming lotion, by patting it onto your hair, taking care not to disturb the natural curl.

Also, the medium curly layered and long layered hairstlyes are also very beautiful!
here is a picture of medium curly hairstyles for Layered
medium styles curly hair

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