Thursday, July 30, 2009

Layered Haircuts 2009: The Shag

Layered Haircuts 2009

Layered Haircuts, the Shag

Shaggy layered haircuts are back from the  past“Layered Haircuts”

Layered haircuts are one of the most commonly requested haircuts that I get. Everyone wants a layered haircut in their hair whether they are long layers, short layers, or somewhere in between. What I’m suggesting a lot right now is an updated version of the shag. Remember the shag layered haircuts from the 70’s and 80’s? Well they are back again in a big way!

Layered Haircuts
Taylor Momsen – medium length shag layered haircuts

Layered top Haircuts
Kristen Stewart – medium length shag layered haircuts.

Taylor Momsen and Kristen Stewart, are just two celebrities to jump on the shag bandwagon. Their layered haircuts are a bit more on the extreme versions of this hairstyle. I prefer something that you can wear every day, so here are some shags that are great for everyday wear:

Layered Haircuts: The Short Shag

Layered Haircuts 2010
Lisa Rinna-short shag layered haircuts

Meg Ryan, first made this short shag famous and Lisa Rinna has now perfected it. Their layered haircuts are perfect examples of what I’m talking about. A shag hairstyle is great for someone who wants a lot of body, movement and texture in their short hair. If you want to steal this hairstyle, I would suggest asking your hairdresser for super short layers blended into the length of your hair. Also, this is such an easy haircut to style in the morning, you’ll be able to get out of the house in a flash! Blow dry all over, no need to use a brush and then add some texturizing product like Bed Head Manipulator, into the hair and style. I love these short layered haircuts since they are so easy to style and so stylish to wear!

Layered Haircuts: The Medium Shag

Layered Haircuts-Kate Moss
Kate Moss - medium length shag layered haircuts

Medium length layered haircuts, incorporating this shag hairstyle, are great for those in the process of growing out their hair. It will give you a fabulous new look while your hair is ‘in-between’ hairstyles. For a medium length shag, you can get away with longer layers. Have your hairdresser cut in all over layers and then go back and do loads of texturizing throughout for that shaggy look.

Layered Haircuts: The Long Layered Shag

Layered Haircuts-Ashlee Olsen
Ashlee Olsen – long shag layered haircuts

I love, love, love this look! Actually, I may steal it for myself, who knows. This is a great way to add a lot of volume and body to long, lifeless locks. If you love this haircut too, ask your hairdresser for a lot of choppy layers throughout your long hair. You can style this by flipping hair in and out with a flat iron or large barrel curling iron and then spraying a dry wax spray throughout layered pieces. I like Paul Mitchell’s Dry Wax, because it doesn’t seem to leave too much of a build up on strands.

These shag layered haircuts are so hot right now, I think I may just have to copy Ashlee Olsen’s hairstyle and claim it as my own. Remember that we are all about change and switching up your style this season, so why not try one of these shag-alicious styles.

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