Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Spring haircut - short hairstyle: edgy style

Short hair is often referred to as the hair that is easiest to maintain. This statement could not be farther from the truth.Spring haircut - short hairstyle Short hair requires more frequent cuts and often better care in order to keep the small amount of hair you have, in great shape. That does not mean that short hair is NOT very popular right now. And with all the celebrities that have chosen short hair styles, one fact is consistent with them all. Short hair styles require LOTS of layers.

The times of cutting hair in a straight line are long gone. Many people who choose short hair actually go into the salon telling the stylist not to cut the lengths the same. This edgy new technique brings a bit of the wild side out in those who choose to go crazy with layers.

The great thing about these cuts is their versatility. You can tuck the style behind the ear and go formal. Then you can pick a putty and style it wild for a little night time fun.

Short hair does not have to be tame all the time. The right cut with just the right amount of layers, can serve a dual purpose. Day time sleek and night time fun, short hair is all about being who you are when you want people to see you.

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